Having one set of keys for a large group?

Tom Chitty chitty@synopsys.COM
Fri Sep 28 18:51:01 2001

First, I'm relatively new to GNUpg, and I have what may be a very obvious

If there is a group of say 12 people, at different locations around the
country. They will all be generating documents on a new product, and want to
share the data with the other 11 each time a new document (or update to an
old one) is created. Instead of having to encrypt the document 11 different
times, and mail it 11 times, isn't there an easy way to use one key pair so
that all 12 people have the public and private key? That should allow user
'A' to encrypt the file once, mail that file to the other 11 people, and the
11 recipients use the same private key/passphrase combination to decrypt it.
Thanks in advance for your reply.


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