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Florian Weimer fw@deneb.enyo.de
Sun Sep 30 10:19:02 2001

Lars Hecking <lhecking@nmrc.ie> writes:

>> Why should Deutsche Post be forced to accept any email? They can
>> bounce messages as they please, as long as they follow established
>> practices (apparently, they didn't).
> IMHO this case is different.
> Operational measuers, such as blocking spammers, viruses, or DoS
> attacks are fine. But blocking encryption is not operational, in
> fact, contrary to their notice it decreases security. It infringes
> on civil rights.
Deutsche Post is a company, and if it doesn't want its employees to use crypto, it's their choice.
> I repeat, this must not be allowed to happen. One would think that
> telecom and network operators knew better, but maybe they are under
> pressure by misguided (or ultra right-wing) politicians.
I don't think this branch of Deutsche Post is a telecom or network operator.