Restrictions / Commercial Use?

Greg Strong
Mon Apr 1 00:03:01 2002

In article <>, David Shaw wrote:
> This is correct.  Use it commercially, use it non-commercially, use it
> for whatever you like.  Have fun.

I don't know about fun.  Interesting is more like it.  I just want to 
make sure I'm in compliance on use.

> However, if you want to use the IDEA cipher then the situation changes
> a little.  The IDEA cipher is patented by a Swiss company called Ascom
> Systec Ltd.  They require a licence for commercial use.
> GnuPG does not come with IDEA, despite what people may have added to
> their own copies of the distribution.  You don't even need IDEA unless
> you are trying to communicate with a user who uses certain versions of
> PGP 2.  Since the current version of PGP is 7, it's been a few years
> since PGP 2...

>From what I gather it depends on how the developer packages the 
frontend.  I just need to read.  

I want to thank both David and Ingo for their quick replies.


Greg Strong

Sun, 31 Mar 2002 15:51 CST