Restrictions / Commercial Use?

Greg Strong
Mon Apr 1 00:03:03 2002

In article <>, Ingo Klöcker 
> Short answer: No.
> But... Some binary GnuPG packages for Windows include the non-free IDEA 
> plugin. These packages must not be used in a commercial environment.
> So, if you want to use GnuPG for commercial use you must install a 
> binary GnuPG package which does not include the IDEA plugin.
> Hope this helps.

Most definitely helps.  I just have to read.  Thanks for the info.

BTW since I've joined this group I keep getting an email from "Daniel 
Siegers" <> every time I check this mail 
list.  The email has no body.  It looks like something either has gone 
wrong somewhere on the email list program, or who ever is responsible is 
trying to irritate me.  If it is the former rather than the later, anybody 
I can notify to correct.

Thanks again!


Greg Strong

Sun, 31 Mar 2002 15:55 CST