--no-default-keyring, .asc, --import

John Kane jkane89@softhome.net
Wed Apr 3 13:56:01 2002

Rasoul Hajikhani rasoul@rhythm.com writes:

  > gpg  ...  --secret-keyring 1017716050.asc

Sorry.  After exporting your key, you need to import it
into a new *.gpg keyring before you can use it.  Also, you
should transfer the public and secret keys toghether. Also,
it's necessary to use -a when making an ascii .asc file:

  gpg ... -a --export-keys me@email.net >mypub.asc
  gpg ... -a --export-secret-keys me@email.net >mysecret.asc
  gpg ... --import mypub.asc
  gpg ... --allow-secret-key-import --import mysecret.asc

with --keyring newpub.gpg --secret-keyring newsec.gpg