gpg and apacheSSL problem

Anthony E. Greene
Wed Apr 3 15:44:01 2002

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On Tue, 2 Apr 2002 wrote:
>I'm running gpg 1.0.6 on Linux with Apache SSL 1.3.6. I'm trying to
>set up secure email from the server to my clinet via Gnupg and
>pgpmail. However, on this system, the secure server is set to run as a
>userid other than my own, with the end result that gpg can't get the
>keyrings. Here's the output from gpg:

Create a public keyring with only one key: the key needed for this 
application. Geenrate a key pair just for this app.

>gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!

You can set gpg to suid root if you want to avoid this error message and 
ensure your plaintext is not available to other processes on the server.

>gpg: loaded digest 2
>gpg: using secondary key E9E9B0EB instead of primary key 9AA75E9D
>gpg: E9E9B0EB: no info to calculate a trust probability

Use the --always-trust option to fix this error message.

>gpg: no valid addressees
>gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: no such user id

Put the keyring for this app in a directory that's readable by Apache and 
specify that directory on the commandline using the --homedir option.

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