Decrypting an entire file

Steve Butler
Thu Apr 4 00:38:02 2002

Sorry, all my scripting is in the Korn shell on a Linux box.

On Linux I'd do:
  echo "My Pass Phrase" | gpg --homedir my_home_dir --passphrase-fd 0
--no-tty --output - --decrypt "$2" >> my_decrypted_output

Don't know if the '--output -' will force the output to STDLIST on a *doze
box or not.  You might try it without the '--output -' altogether.

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The file is encrypted on a Cobalt (Redhat Linux) and decrypted on a WinXP
machine.  Can you tell me what the full command line should be at the
command prompt on my WinXP box to accomplish this?  I sure do appreciate the
response :)  It will be a happy day when I know how to do this.


Tim D.

I don't remember all the details.  Seems like you had individual encrypted
sessions appended to the main file.
<yes I do>

I suspect that since you want each decrypted session to also append to the
output that you will need to send the decrypted output to STDLIST and
redirect that to a file using the append redirect (>>).  I presume this is
on a *NIX box.
<encrypting on a redhat linux box - decrypting on a WinXP box>

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