building gnupg on Windows 2000
Thu Apr 4 01:20:02 2002


I'm interested in building the GnuPG application from source on a windows
2000 platform. I'd like to be able to use the VisualSource IDE and build the
app as a console application.

I've taken a look at the source code contained in the latest zip file
(1.0.6) and am curious as to why the mwing32, binutils, gcc software is

I'm looking to talk with anyone who has successfully built the app using
either the instructions provided, or from a scratch windows environment,
using msdev winsock.h, etc...

I'd prefer to stay away from having to replicate pieces of the unix
environment if possible.

I'd also like to minimize the need to alter code as much as possible. All
pointers, advice will be duly considered and appreciated.

Thanks for any assistance.....

Bruce Douglas