key security

Steve Butler
Wed Apr 10 16:33:02 2002

Throw in some "bad" spellings or words that sound the same but are spelled
differently with different meanings <<what do they call those?>> like, not
versus knot.  Use some random capitalization and a few numbers or other
strange keys at weird places.

The most important part -- remember it!

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Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 5:00 PM
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The only real security for your encrypted data depends
on the quality of your passphrase, although to some

Better to tell
them you used "head -c 24 /dev/random | mimencode" but
actually use the telephone number for your dead
grandmother that you remember from your youth plus your
dog's name plus two different negative descriptors you use
for your two ex-wives plus your favorite flavor...

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