key security

carl w spitzer
Mon Apr 15 06:59:05 2002

Your looking for homonyms.

I might suggest looking for a phrase or poem and picking a stanza; then
looking for both homonyms and synonyms for alternating key words.  If you
really want to get fancy find an online translater and run your phrase
through that just pick a language you dont speak.

You could even use phonetic spellings on top of that and have several on
hand to see which you can remember best.

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On Wed, 10 Apr 2002 07:33:43 -0700 "Steve Butler" <>
>Throw in some "bad" spellings or words that sound the same but are 
>differently with different meanings <<what do they call those?>> like, 
>versus knot.  Use some random capitalization and a few numbers or 
>strange keys at weird places.
>The most important part -- remember it!

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