Dignature verification problem

David Livingstone david.livingstone@unn.ac.uk
Tue Apr 16 14:44:01 2002

I am currently trying out GPG 1.0.6, by enacting the role of two dummyusers.

Having encrypted and signed a message (using --sign and --encrypt), I can
decrypt the message and verify the signature using the --decrypt command.

However if I use the --verify command just to verify the signature, it fails
with the error message "verify signatures failed : unexpected data".  Why is
this ?

For information :
*	It makes no difference whether I use --sign before --encrypt or vice
versa when I create the message whose signature is to be verified.
*	Memory is not locked, so I get 'using insecure memory' messages
*	Everything relating to trust has been ignored, so there is no valid
trust path to the key; a fingerprint is generated by --decrypt.

David Livingstone