verifying rsa signatures

Steve Butler
Wed Apr 17 17:33:01 2002

I have imported RSA public keys sent to me by others using gpg --import. 

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From: Chandrasekhar I.V. []
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 8:26 AM
Subject: verifying rsa signatures

Does gnupg-1.0.6 have the support for verifying signatures generated
thru RSA encryption of SHA1 hases?
I dont see how i can specify a RSA public key to verify a digital
signature generated by RSA. "gpg --import" doesnt allow me to import RSA
public keys. My "gpg --version" however shows "PubKey RSA,...."
Also the "gpg --gen-key" shows me no "RSA"option for the kind of key i
want! ( i see only DSA&ElGamal, DSA and ElGamal options).
The gnupg faq however says that RSA is included frm gnupg-1.0.3 and
above versions!

Anyone can help me out?


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