Replacing PGP (Freeware 7.0.3) by gnuPG + gpgSHELL

David R. Bergstein
Thu Apr 25 05:57:01 2002

Have you tried exporting the PGP 7.0.3 keys as ascii armored files?  If not,
the native pgp binary format may be causing some issues when importing these
keys to GnuPG.

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Subject: Replacing PGP (Freeware 7.0.3) by gnuPG + gpgSHELL


I would like to replace PGP freeware 7.0.3 by gnuPG
and GPGshell. I am using Windows Me with 256MB  RAM.
When I try to import my keys, I get an error message
(number 53) telling me that gpgSHELL does not find
the file I supplied and which has been exported from
PGP Keys. Does anybody knows what is happening?

Thank you in advance

Marie-Noelle Baechler

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