GnuPG 1.1.91,GPGME and Sylpheed

Werner Koch
Tue Aug 6 11:31:04 2002

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002 10:49:28 +0200, Kai Raven said:

> perhaps i'm blind, but  gpg --help give me only --export, man gpg give 
> me only --export. I have exported my key, which have a photo-id with

I know that we should restructure the man page a bit ;-) but it is

       --export-options parameters 

                 This is a space or comma delimited string that gives
                 options for exporting keys.  Options can be prepended
                 with a `no-' to give the opposite meaning.  The
                 options are:

                           Include non-RFC compliant keys in the
                           export.  Defaults to yes.


                           Allow exporting key signatures marked as
                           "local".  This is not gener­ ally useful
                           unless a shared keyring scheme is being
                           used.  Defaults to no.


                           Include attribute user IDs (photo IDs)
                           while exporting.  This is use­ ful to
                           export keys if they are going to be used by
                           an OpenPGP program that does not accept
                           attribute user IDs.  Defaults to yes.


                           Include designated revoker information that
                           was marked as "sensitive".  Defaults to no.

> gpg--export. The keyservers can't decrypt the cipherblock, because the
> photo-id is still in the exported key. I deleted the photo-id manually

As you can see include-attributes defaults to yes, so you should use

--export-options no-include-attributes

> And GPGME 0.3.8 is incompatible with GnuPG 1.1.91?

I don't think so.