GnuPG 1.1.91 released

Johan Wevers
Tue Aug 6 20:48:04 2002

Werner Koch wrote:

>> The file contrib/README.idea points to a non-existent directory. Where is
>> IDEA currently located?

> Sorry, I forgot to update this one.  But the directory is existant

I see already what's wrong.

The file

points to

which doesn't exist. You have to change the http to ftp to make it work.
I hadn't figured that out when I sent this mail.

>> You DO try to make it as hard as possible to use IDEA, don't you?

> I think this is a bit unfair.  I have put again a lot of work into
> this silly IDEA thing and made sure that an updated file is available.

Well, OK. But just distributing IDEA together with a note that it may
only be used freely for personal use in some countries and such legal
blabla would be a much easier solution.

> BTW, this is a development version.

I know, but on my windows system at work I'll have to decide which
version to use: 1.0.7 from Nullify, or the official 1.1.91. To
compile a reliable win32 version myself I need a newer version of
Linux to run MingW on (I'm currently still on libc5/ kernel 2.0.38)
Perhaps I find time in my holliday to setup a new system and migrate
all the stuff that is no longer found in modern distributions but
that I still need (libc4 and 5 binaries, uucp, Cnews).

> Have a look into the license of idea.c - I presume you are from
> the Netherlands where you are not entitled to use it ;-)

I am for personal use. And for buissiness use, well, let them sue
me if they want. Then they get filed criminal charges for illegally
intercepting my email, and remove any interest in using IDEA anyway
by proving IDEA to be insecure if they can decrypt the mail to prove
the mail was not for personal use, so I doubt I will get any trouble.
Which is all that counts for me.

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