Compile gnuog 1.0.7 in Win2000

Alec Clews
Wed Aug 7 06:26:02 2002


Frank Yip wrote:

>    it's me again,,,,frank,,,,,,,I am still struggle in how to compile gnupg
>1.0.7 in Win 2000. The problem is I am not the unix administrator so that I
>can only try to compile it in windows 2000 environment. Can anyone give me a
>brief instructions on how to compile it?? Thank you very much

I am using Cygwin on W2K

1) Install Cygwin from
2) Open Bash Shell from Cygwin shortcut
3) Goto directory where GnuPG is unpacked
4) Type in "RANLIB=ranlib ./configure --with-included-gettext 
5) Type "make".
6) If the build fails on rndw32.c then type the following "(cd cipher ; 
gcc -g -O2 -Wall -I .. -I ../include -o rndw32.exe rndw32.c);make" -- 
this  is from my faulty memory so beware!
7) Type :make install"

You should then set up the registry keys. The program should be located 
in c:\cygwin\usr\local\bin\pgp.exe or similar

There are lots of variations on this so beware. The stuff above assumes 
you have installed egd as recommended on the web site -- I am not 
convinced it is working correctly on my system

Hope that helps

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