Incompatibility with CryptoEx OpenPGP CryptoEngine Version 2.1 ?

David Shaw
Wed Aug 7 20:00:02 2002

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 02:17:53PM +0200, wrote:
> Hello,
> do you know about problems concerning public keys generated
> by CryptoEx OpenPGP CryptoEngine Version 2.1 ?
> I have received several keys from our customer, but out of 6
> only one is o.k. for GnuPG.
> For PGP there is no problem to read in these 6 keys.

I've seen a few problems with CryptoEx.  What happens when you try to
use the keys?

Could you send me some of the keys that cannot be used?  I'll check it


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