Hush Professional;

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Wed Aug 7 19:48:02 2002


I recently came across this on 's site:

Has anyone used it ? The documentation states:

"In order to use HushMail Professional for Outlook you must first register
your email address with Hush Communications"

Another interesting part:

"In order to decrypt email Hushmail Professional must be able to connect to
the Hush Key Server. "

I installed it and it's impressively simple. I had previously updated my
public key to their keyserver and I verified that a private key has to be
stored there (not on your system) for this to work.  It's interesting how
stripped-down it is compared to the site/PGP Desktop... however when I see
"upload private key" in the Hush Tools the entusiasm fades. Why didn't they
go the extra small step of storing the private key locally ?

Anyone caring to comment ?

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