[WINPT USERS] Hush Professional;

Anton Stiglic astiglic@okiok.com
Fri Aug 9 11:27:01 2002

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Subject: [WINPT USERS] Hush Professional;

> Anyone caring to comment ?

Hushmail started out being a "roaming service" for encrypting 
and decrypting e-mail, meaning that you could use it from any 
PC that could run the hushmail Java applet (via a browser for
instance).  You didn't need to carry your key with you (in a 
smart card or a diskette) since you could always download it 
from their server (the key is encrypted with a key derived
from a passphrase the user chooses).
This is the unique feature they have to offer (the roaming), I 
guess they are just continuing in the same vein.