File size problems (files > 4 gb can't be decrypted)

Erick Thompson
Thu Aug 8 02:10:01 2002

I came across this message in the archive, and it looks like I am having the
same problem, where a file over 4GB will appear to encrypt correctly, but
won't decrypt. This appears to be a known problem. Is there going to be a
fix out soon for this issue, or should I split the files into smaller

My platform is Windows 2000, gpg versions 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 (same problem on


>Hello All
>    Do we know if there is a limit on file sizes? I have a 4 + Gig file
>that Im encrypting , the file allegedly encrypts without error but when
>I decrypt
>I get the following error(s)
>invalid packet ctb=72
>invalid packet ctb=69
>Warning encrypted message has been manipulated!
>dont know invalid packet ctb=70
>Any suggestions???
>many thanks in advance