Receiver lost secret key and cannot read - neither can I

Anita Lewis
Fri Aug 16 12:07:01 2002

I had asked the question before about finding keys using name or email
address and got 1.0.7 which solved that.  Thanks for that.

I found out that someone I sent a message to (to test if I could do it) was
unable to read it.  Seems he lost the secret key to an old key which is the
one I used.  I went to my Sent folder in Mutt and I can't read what I wrote. 
Is there any way I can read it?  Is there a suggested alternate way of
sending messages to cover such an event?  I suppose it might be wise to
write the mail in the editor, save it, and then encrypt it to mail - at
least if I send anything that I really might need to look at later.

GnuPG key: 1024D/9EDAC910