My public key not found [was: Receiver lost secret key and cannot read]

Anita Lewis
Sat Aug 17 00:04:01 2002

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 11:22:49AM -0400, Todd wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Anita Lewis wrote:
> > Is there a suggested alternate way of sending messages to cover such
> > an event?
> As Lionel mentioned, always encrypting to yourself is one way to do this.
> That's certainly a good idea.
> You said you were using mutt as your MUA.  Then you can also use a feature
> of mutt to save your sent messages in the clear.  This assumes that you feel
> your local machine is reasonably secure (or that you use some other method
> of data protection -- like storing your mail folder on an encrypted disk
> partition).  Anyway, to have mutt save your sent messages in clear text, add
> this to your .muttrc file:
> set fcc_clear=yes
> - -- 

Thanks, Todd.  That works.  I didn't get Lionel's message, but went to the
archives to look at it.  Thanks, Lionel. I put the line in ~.gnupg/options
and did a test mail.  It tried to encrypt with my key, but I got the
following message:

your_key_id skipped  public key not found

I find my key listed in 'gpg --list-keys' and don't understand this.  Can
someone shed light on it?