Outlook 200 problem

Nick Andriash andriash@shaw.ca
Sat Aug 17 18:39:01 2002

Hello Andrew Glinwood,

On Friday, August 16 2002 at 06:21 AM PDT, you wrote:

> I have installed gnupg-w32-1.0.6-2 on my win98 machine, I am unable to
> encrypt the outgoing messages. I cant get outlook to enable the encryption
> section of the security tab in the options?
> Do anyone have any ideas or am I doing something rather wrong?

The security tab located in 'Options' is for S/MIME only. To use GnuPG
with Outlook, I believe you will have to use either GPGShell/GPGTray or

Nick Andriash
Creston, B.C. Canada