Jason Harris
Mon Aug 19 21:26:01 2002

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On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 03:48:56PM +0200, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bid=
der wrote:

> I don't know if (some of) you are aware of the tool. It
> finds a path between two keys, using a database based on some master
> keyring. (replacement of the now offline pathserver that was once
> offered by some company).=20 might be what you're looking
for.  The service has been suspended for the moment, but=20 users know where to find an alternate site.  :)

> I tried to email the author (as there's no mailing list indicated on the
> webpage), but got no answer, and the webpage is not accessible right
> now; but perhaps somebody here has found answers:=20

Google for and other pages or see
what has.

> --------=20
> To:


> Subject: signed.db.gz and keynames.db.gz=20
> Is the signed.db file on
> up to date, or do I need to re-download it from panic? How often do you=
> update the 'signed' file? Is it possible to get mail announcement when=20

I asked similar questions before but didn't receive a reply either, IIRC.

> Additional question, perhaps: would it be possible to generate the
> necessary data files as a byproduct of a keyanalize run, it seems to me
> that it's the same data being generated.=20

The keyanalyze preprocess.keys file doesn't have uid strings in it,
currently.  I still haven't used sigtrace, but I generate pgpring -f -S
listings each time I run my intermediate keyanalyze reports.  That
output was 653,859,245 bytes on the 17th, but compresses nicely -
under 200MB.  (Removing the fingerprints helps too.)  I can also see
about providing xdelta diffs for the data.

Alternately, I will _consider_ creating the sigtrace databases with
each keyanalyze report, depending on the complexity.

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