Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder
Tue Aug 20 09:37:02 2002

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[no cc:s please]
[cc:ed to darxus - dunno if he's on the list]

Hi again!

Darxus - again thanks for the sigtrace program, it's really fun.

On Tue, 2002-08-20 at 01:03, wrote:
> On 08/19, Jason Harris wrote:

> And sorry about the site being down, there were
> 2 very silly problems in the last ~24 hours.  It's back up.

No problem, I assumed it was temporary.

> No, I haven't been doing it often.  I am willing to set up mail
> announcements if there's enough interest,=20

I'd definitely be interested.

> but it would be nicer if Jason
> generated them automatically.


> > Alternately, I will _consider_ creating the sigtrace databases with
> > each keyanalyze report, depending on the complexity.
> The data is extremely simple.  [...]

Looking forward to it, then 8-P

> I have been getting a lot (relatively) of email about this thing lately.
> It's nice that it's starting to seem like people are actually using it.  =
> do need to document, or I guess clean up and release source to generate t=
> .dbs.

No idea how this datafile is built, but a 'add a specific key' option
would be great. (Ok, I see that this could be non-trivial or impossible
depending on the data format).

Thanks for the feedback, both of you.

-- vbi

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