LDAP keyserver

David Shaw dshaw@jabberwocky.com
Thu Aug 22 19:35:01 2002

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 01:20:13PM -0400, Gordon Worley wrote:
> I'm trying to test LDAP on Darwin (Mac OS X) to see if I got it 
> working.  In installed OpenLDAP, rebuilt GnuPG, but now am unsure if 
> I've found an LDAP keyserver to test against.  What is a keyserver I can 
> use?  Also, what, if anything, do I need to do to let GnuPG know I'm 
> using an LDAP server?


   gpg --keyserver ldap://pgp.surfnet.nl:11370 --recv-keys 0xBBD3B003

You can put the "keyserver" line in your options file as usual if you


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