PGP Mail Server

Danny Wannagat Danny Wannagat <>
Thu Dec 5 00:57:01 2002


Thank you GPGrelay is the right thing to do the job.


> Hi,

>> I am looking for a mail server who can en-decrypt pgp messages.
>> I want to use it in a lan. Send mails with smtp clear to this
>> mailserver. And the mailserver checks keyserves for reciepients
>> key encrypts the message and send it to the destination.

> If I understand you correctly, maybe GPGrelay would do the job? It's Win32
> only, though. You can find a link to it's homepage under the Frontends
> heading at Gnupg's homepage. Also, there seems to be something called
> anubis
> which could do, according to the description. I haven't looked at it much,
> but it's there to be found as well.

> --David.