Why you should not use PGP

Per Tunedal pt@radvis.nu
Mon Dec 9 11:17:02 2002

At 08:07 2002-12-06 -0700, you wrote:
 >Hello Per Tunedal,
 >On Thursday, December 05 2002 at 01:17 AM PDT, you wrote:
 >> GPG has got a much better GUI for Windows: GPG Relay.
 >You cannot be serious in suggesting that GPGRelay is a better GUI for
 >Windows than PGPTray. I realise that you like to bash PGP on this List,
 >but suggesting GPGRelay is superior to PGPTray is utter nonsense.
 >Nick Andriash

Hello Nick,
I compared PGP and GPG Relay. GPG Relay is a not better "as is". It's only 
better for most users as it makes encryption effortless. It makes 
encryption VERY easy but obviously somewhat less safe. I believe it's very 
important to spread encryption and thus I promote GPG Relay for casual 
encryption. I believe it's a GUI that might spread encryption rapidly.

WinPT is good, but not easy to learn. I promote WinPT as well for more 
sophisticated users. PGP is still more easy to use than WinPT, but WinPT 
has improved significantly lately and continues to improve.
Per Tunedal