New mirror for WinPT + GnuPG installer

Per Tunedal
Thu Dec 5 15:12:01 2002

At 18:41 2002-12-04 +0100, you wrote:

 >It may also be critical for security concerns.
 >I have seen guides on the web whose advice results in storing the private
 >key file in C:\Programs\GnuPG\ even on a multi-user W2k system - readable
 >for all other users.
 >A good installer would use the user's private directory instead (the
 >- -outdated- GnuPP installer does).

This is an excellent idea! But then GPG must look for the right keyring for 
the right user ...
It would be very good be able to use different keyrings for different 
users. What if one user would like his key on disk, but an other would like 
it on un external USB-disk? It would be fine if it was possible to choose 
keyring-paths individually by user!

 >How about adding a link to the download section of
 >"Other distributions using our code" with a disclaimer like:
 >"We can not guarantee for the integrity of other people's compilations.
 >You have to check for this on your own."?

A great idea! That would be very convenient for users. But would users take 
care of them selves? Maybe it would be useful to have a link to some page 
about trust on that page ...

Should anyone offering a distribution have the right to publish a link on 
the GPG-site? Or should it be some means for qualification? I would be 
happy if you put a link to my "simple tools ei batch-files" and what ever 
that I will produce after that ...

Per Tunedal