2 FAQs

Michael Nahrath gnupg-users@nahrath.de
Thu Dec 5 18:41:02 2002

I already searched the the local documentation but did not find an answer.

(BTW: I have compiled GPG 1.3.1 but /usr/local/share/gnupg/faq.html is stil
version 1.5.7 whereas <http://www.gnupg.org/documentation/faqs.html> is
Version 1.5.8 dated on 2002-10-08)

When I --list-sigs a key or --edit-key and 'check' I get the signatures
displyed in a format like this:

sig!2   P    C9541FB2 2002-06-29   Douglas F. Calvert <dfc@anize.org>

Betwheen the "sig" and the 8-byte Key-ID there are 10 characters space.

Where do I find a complete compilation of all possible values they can take
and their meaning?

Rather than getting an explanation what Douglas' "P" means (which was my
original question) I'd prefere to get a pointer to the full documentation.

The second character after the "sig" is new since GPG 1.0.7 and indicates
the quality of a signature. Where can I get more information about this new
I haven't found anything about this except the release notes for 1.0.7 and
the dialogs inside the program and those are rather short.

If public documentation doesn't exist yet, this request may be an occasion
to work out 2 new items for the FAQ ...

Greeting, Michi