newbie problems

Max Brandt
Fri Dec 6 01:45:02 2002

Hi all,
I have just changed to GnuPG (from the old freeware PGP v7) running
on Win2kSP3. I have GnuPG-w32-1.21-nr1 from and GPGshell
2.65. At the same time I updated my PGP with the freeware 8.0 version.

First problem: I can't open the .ems attachments in my mail client
(Eudora 5.2). I have set the Windows prefs to open .ems files with
Notepad, which works fine anywhere else on the system, but Eudora
gives me a "plug-in no longer available" message. This might seem
off-list as it's no doubt a Eudora problem, but several posts to this
list use .ems attatchments. At present I have to go to the attachments
folder in the Eudora repertory and open these files independently. Any

Second problem: When I ask GPGshell to sign a message the result is an
encrypted PGP message, not a signed clear-text message This happens both
for current window and clipboard data, and it happens when using other
applications (eg Notepad) as well as using Eudora. Maybe I've missed
something in configuring GPGshell?

Finally, a question: To test the compatibility between GPG and PGP8, I
created new keys in each, imported the public keys of each to the other,
signed them, then sent encrypted and signed messages to each. GPGtoPGP
gave no problems, but in decrypting the PGP-GPG message I got this
     gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected
What is the problem here?

Grateful for any help.
Max B