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WK> You need a POSIX ennvironment to build GnuPG for Windows.  Thsi is
WK> usually done by cross-compiling it but it might be possible to do
WK> this with a Cygwin32 environemnt under Windows and using the
WK> mingw32/cpd kit - this is not the same you can download from

According to the MinGW FAQ at the
"What is MSYS" portion of the FAQ states the following:

"MSYS or Minimal SYStem is a POSIX and Bourne shell environment use with
MinGW. It provides a hand picked set of tools to allow a typical
configuration script with Bourne syntax to execute. This allows most of
the GNU packages to create a Makefile just from executing the typical
configure script which can then be used to build the package using the
native MinGW version of GCC.

The POSIX layer used by MSYS is a fork of the 1.3.3 version of Cygwin.
Cygwin is a full POSIX layer and UNIX-like environment for Win32
providing both server and client utilites."

I would imagine the MSYS will provide the POSIX environment from the
statement above. I just haven't determined whether it is included the
MinGW-2.0.0-3.exe file that is 12,825,271 bytes available at Is the MSYS
is included in the MinGW dowloadable executable file?

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