Key with no signing possibilities

Johan Wevers
Tue Dec 10 14:13:01 2002

Peter Palfrader wrote:

>So there's no reason ever for a government to ask your signing key
>from you.

Why would a government want a signing key? To forge messages from me? Most
people I exchange confidential encrypted messages don't blindly trust my key
but would ask questions if they get strange messages.

I'm much more worried that they want my encryption key. Once they have the
signing key I revoke it, if they have the encryption key they can read all
intercepted messages untill now and perhaps for some time, wether I revoke
it or not. Some people have sent me confidantial messages encrypted to all
keys they could find for me - even 2 keys that were revoked because they are
compromised - becaue they didn't know what key to use from the 5 I have on
keyservers... :-(

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