signing emails

Anthony E. Greene
Wed Dec 11 16:20:01 2002

On 11-Dec-2002/15:44 +0100, Michael Anckaert <> wrote:
>Hello all,
>I get 2 different kind of signed emails, emails with a detached sig and
>emails with the sig in the email itself. 
>What is the correct form according to the RFC (or what is the standard)?

The message with the "detached" sig is probably a PGP/MIME message.
PGP/MIME is the official standard. Unfortunately, most mail clients do not
handle PGP/MIME at all. 

Of the few mail clients that claim to handle PGP/MIME, not all do so
correctly. Many of us use inline signatures because they can be verified
by any OpenPGP user, even if their mail client does not support OpenPGP.

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