GPG support in Mahogany

Tobias Crefeld
Tue Dec 17 02:10:02 2002

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 00:53:56 +0100 Olaf Gellert <>:

> Even with smartcards, you cannot prevent an intruder
> from changing your signing software (just a little
> trojan) so when you want to sign a document, the
> software gives a hidden other document to the signing
> device.
> The only solution to this is a completely secured device.
> This could be some kind of PDA running with a certified secure

As long as it is a simple number or small text you want to sign or
check there are some USB-smart-card-readers with their own small
number keyboard and LCD for this purpose. Being hardcoded on a prom
they should be pretty secure. AFAIK they aren't so expensive
any more, 100 EUR or something like that. But they won't handle an
email of course.