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Richard B. Tilley (Brad) rtilley@vt.edu
Mon Dec 23 21:28:01 2002

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Hello gpg users,

I'm using gpg 1.06 on RHL 7.3. It came with the distro and it works
well. I use GPA as I like the GUI in place of the CLI sometimes. I went
to a key-signing today and found that most of the gpg users there were
using the latest stable version (1.2.1).=20

To my question. Is there a compelling reason for me to upgrade to the
latest stable version? I primarily use gpg to sign, not encrypt, email.
And, I occasionally use it to encrypt a few sensitive files on my hard
drive. I've noticed, too, that the Linux kernel developers use an even
older version of gpg (1.0.3). Does version number really matter?

Thank you,

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