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Guy Story
Mon Dec 23 22:13:01 2002

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Hello everyone.  I am new to GPG so if this is a simple question sorry
for the bandwidth.  I have been trying to use GPA 0.4.3 and have run
into a problem.  If I import a key and sign it, the trusts on my other
keys get put back to unknown.  If I correct the ones that are changed
back to trusted sources, the key I imported get set back to unknown and
vise versa.  End result is I get stuck in a loop and all the trust get
mangled.  If I use the CLI to sign and trust the keys, no problem and
the email clients (kmail and evolution) are happy.  Before hand, if a
key trust was unknown in GPA, then I could not encrypt email.

any ideas,

thanks for the time.


Guy Story, KC5GOI
1210 Duncan Suite E1
Denton Texas 76205

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