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Michael Anckaert
Mon Dec 23 23:35:02 2002

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On 23 Dec 2002 15:13:20 -0600
Guy Story <> wrote:

> Hello everyone.  I am new to GPG so if this is a simple question sorry
> for the bandwidth.  I have been trying to use GPA 0.4.3 and have run
> into a problem.  If I import a key and sign it, the trusts on my other
> keys get put back to unknown.  If I correct the ones that are changed
> back to trusted sources, the key I imported get set back to unknown
> and vise versa.  End result is I get stuck in a loop and all the trust
> get mangled.  If I use the CLI to sign and trust the keys, no problem
> and the email clients (kmail and evolution) are happy.  Before hand,
> if a key trust was unknown in GPA, then I could not encrypt email.
I don't exactly know what causes your program, but GPA version 0.6.0 is
on the way. The announcement email for gpgme 0.4.0 was sent to the mail
just before this and GPA will release (according to Miguel) shortly
after gpgme was released. I think GPA will be released in a day, maybe
I have been using the cvs version of GPA 0.6.0 for some time and
have found no errors whatsoever.


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