[Announce] GnuPG signature key update and X-Request-PGP

Matt Wronkiewicz wronkiew@foozone.org
Tue Dec 24 07:29:01 2002

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I attached a bash script and the associated mutt configuration
to download a key from either the X-Request-PGP or
X-OpenPGP-Key-URL fields in a message header. The script is run
as a macro from mutt, bound to <ctrl>-g. I have not done much
scripting with bash, so feel free to point out any
inefficiencies. Here is the mutt configuration line:

macro pager <esc>g '| requestkey | gpg --import -'\n 'pull a PGP key from t=
he canonical source'

I also added x-request-pgp: and x-openpgp-key-url: to hdr_order
so that mutt shows which canonical key sources are available.

Matt Wronkiewicz <wronkiew@foozone.org>

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# Get the first header line which contains a canonical key address
ARG=`egrep -i -e \^x-request-pgp\:\|\^x-openpgp-key-url\: | head -n 1`;

# Trim off the field name
ARG=${ARG#X-OpenPGP-Key-URL: };
ARG=${ARG#X-Request-PGP: };
# Remove optional angle brackets denoting a URL
#echo $ARG >&2;

# Send the URL to an appropriate downloader and output key data
case $ARG in
  finger:*) finger ${ARG#finger:};;
  http:*) lynx -dump $ARG 2>/dev/null;;


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Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (SunOS)