Cannot read encrypted emails

Anthony E. Greene
Tue Dec 24 16:08:02 2002

On 24-Dec-2002/08:53 -0500, John Warrick <> wrote:
>On Mon, 2002-12-23 at 21:44, John Warrick wrote:
>> I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with.  First, a little
>> background...
>[Snip] See previous posting....
>First off, I've subscribed to the listing so I can see the replies.
>Did some additional testing last night and figured out that when I send
>encrypted email from my Linux box to my Win2K box, that the contents of
>the message are actually embedded in a file attachment called
>encrypted.asc on the Win2K side. There is also a file called AT000xx.dat
>(where xx are incremental numbers -- i.e., AT00015.dat).
>Although I get the message "This email is neither encrypted nor signed"
>I can save the file (encrypted.asc) to disk and run:
>gpg --decrypt encrypted.asc and this is what I see:

This is a PGP/MIME message. I don't think the Outlook/Outlook Express
plugins can handle this OpenPGP message format. Try configuring your Linux
mailer to use inline messages instead of PGP/MIME.

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