AW: HOWTO Revoke a key without having any backup of the key pair ????

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Wed Feb 13 15:08:01 2002

> Unfortunatelly, I haven't done such a revocation certificate :(

You're probably out of luck then.
> But I guess there must be some system administrator/moderators or so =
> these key server, right ?

One for each one of them, yes. Whether they'll want to manually edit =
the key
rings, however, is questionable.=20
Also, there is any number of key servers that might or might not update
each other. You'd have quite a bit of work to get all of them to remove
your key in time before some server that you missed propagates it =

And how do you want to give proof of your ownership of the relevant =
> Someone somewhere must exist to give me some help on this :)

Probably not. Sorry.
What you might be able to do is add a uid or sig that contains a =
to the effect that the key is obsolete. As it will not be validated =
the proper secret key, however, people might not believe it.