HOWTO Revoke a key without having any backup of the key pair ????

Andrew McDonald
Wed Feb 13 21:06:02 2002

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On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 03:04:49PM +0100, Huels, Ralf SCORE wrote:
> What you might be able to do is add a uid or sig that contains a comment
> to the effect that the key is obsolete. As it will not be validated with
> the proper secret key, however, people might not believe it.

One thing you might do is to ask the people who have signed your key to
revoke the signatures - this *might* make it less likely that people who
subsequently download the key will trust it.

gpg doesn't support Revocation Key (designated revoker) signature
subpackets. I guess this is a 'not got round to it yet' feature.

Andrew McDonald

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