Unable to send key to keyserver

JanuszA.Urbanowicz JanuszA.Urbanowicz
Wed Feb 20 14:18:02 2002

Newsmail wrote/napisa=B3[a]/schrieb:
[Charset iso-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
> I am trying to send my public key to a keyserver using this command, and =
> is the error message that was returned.
> gpg --keyserver www.keyserver.net --send-keys 0x6038EB02
> gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!
> gpg: error sending to `www.keyserver.net': eof
> I have also tried replacing the 0x6038EB02 with the name I used in genera=
> the key which is John Pitz.  What am I doing wrong?  Please cc =20
> newsmail@altelco.net in the reply as I don't subscribe to the mailing lis=

keyserver.net software has troubles receiving keys from gnupg. The solution
is to a) pass the request through http proxy (don't know why but it worhs
with this approach) or use another keyserver,like certserver.pgp.com.

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