Need Help with Maintaining Keyring offline for Keyring online

David Jourard
Thu Feb 21 20:08:01 2002


I'm using gpg to encrypt e-mails created from a cgi script from a web form 
on a Linux computer.

I want to maintain the keyrings (pubring.gpg and trustdb.gpg) on a computer 
not connected to the internet.  (The computer is win32)

I added all the keys, signed them and gave them full trust so they can work 
from a cgi script.

Everything works -- well sort of.

I added a new key today, (by import of a pgp key), signed it and gave it 
full trust.

I uploaded the updated pubring.gpg and trustdb.gpg but now it doesn't work 
with the old keys. (I uploaded them as binary)

I get the error message from my log:

gpg: 071F62E4: no info to calculate a trust probability
gpg: no valid addressees
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: no such user id

Anybody have any answers?