Need Help with Maintaining Keyring offline for Keyring online

David Jourard
Fri Feb 22 20:04:02 2002


I'd like to answer my own post to indicate the importance of using 
--always-trust for encryption from a web form/cgi script if the secring.gpg 
is only an empty file.

At 02:07 PM 2/21/02 -0600, you wrote:

>gpg: 071F62E4: no info to calculate a trust probability
>gpg: no valid addressees
>gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: no such user id

a. trustdb.gpg is there except secring.gpg is 0 bytes

When I put the actual secring.gpg on the server I didn't have any problems 
though I did get it to work without it but it was sometimes yes and 
sometimes no.

To make a long story short ...

By putting --always-trust it skips the checking the trustdb.gpg so the 
first error does not occur and it finds the key, and I can have an empty 
secring.gpg on the server.