Using gpg on multiple systems

David Calvarese
Sat Feb 23 17:17:01 2002

I'm rather new to GPG myself, but a long time user of PGP.  With PGP I 
would have just kept my keys on a floppy disk and had the program get them 
from there when needed.  This of course, would require you to have the 
floppy in the drive when reading mail.

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> Hello, I am not subscribed, so please CC me when you reply.
> I'm planning on using gpg at home and at work. At home gpg is installed on
> my computer where I'm the only one who uses, so my keys are secure enough.
> At work however, a lot of people use the machines and they have gpg
> installed. I'm paranoid about leaving my keys at the work server though.
> What's the safest way for me to use the same keyID and keys at both work
> and home? Both systems are running Linux.
> Do I have to create two separate IDs for them? I'm new at this, so I'd
> appreciate the step by step procedure on how to do it.
> Thanks in advance.
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