GPG 1.0.6 crash on Windows 2000

Gerd Ewald Gerd Ewald <>
Sat Jan 5 18:06:02 2002

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Hello Carl-Eric,

On Sat, 5 Jan 2002 15:24:42 +0100 GMT your local time,
which was 05.01.2002, 15:24 (GMT+0100) where I live, you wrote:


> I have just downloaded and installed GPG 1.0.6 on a Windows 2000 box.
> When I try to generate a key pair with the default setting. It starts
> generating, and a few seconds into the generation process it crashes
> with the usual Win2K error box (Programm error etc...). I only found
> one reference to this in the list archives from about 6 months ago,
> but there was no answer back then.

> Any ideas?

No, not really. I use GPG 1.0.6 on w2k and on NT4 and never had that
problem! I reproduced this (gpg --gen-key) a minute ago: key pair
generated without problem!

Have you got the error message? What does it say?

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