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Owen Blacker
Sat Jan 5 20:53:02 2002

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Nick Wilson wrote (2002-01-05 T 17:11 +0100):
> I'm having a little trouble with the concept of suid root of setuid.
> I've seen the FAQ and the HOWTO on the gnupg pages and there is
> certainly talk of 'running gpg as suid root' to avoid 'insecure
> memory' warnings but no mention of HOW to do this?
> I've just re-installed gpg as root but I'm still getting the
> warnings. I know this is my understanding rather than a bug but that
> knowledge doesn't help.
> Can someone please explain what and how I should be doing this?

I am so not the best person to be asking this, but I believe this is to
do with your file permissions on the GnuPG executable.  As well as the
regular (755) perms, you can set a higher digit.  If you chmod 4755 and
the executable is owned by root, then the executable should always be
run using the permissions of root.

I'm sure I'll rapidly be corrected, should I be wrong...  :o)

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