installing as suid root

Steve Butler
Mon Jan 7 17:15:01 2002

Log in as root.
cd to the directory where the program file lives.
chown root:bin file_name
chmod 4775 file_name  (that will do only the suid and not both suid and

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From: Nick Wilson []
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 8:12 AM
Subject: installing as suid root

Hi all
I'm having a little trouble with the concept of suid root of setuid.
I've seen the FAQ and the HOWTO on the gnupg pages and there is
certainly talk of 'running gpg as suid root' to avoid 'insecure memory'
warnings but no mention of HOW to do this?

I've just re-installed gpg as root but I'm still getting the warnings. I
know this is my understanding rather than a bug but that knowledge
doesn't help.

Can someone please explain what and how I should be doing this?

Much oblidged :)

Nick Wilson

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