installing as suid root

'Nick Wilson'
Mon Jan 7 17:28:02 2002

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* Steve Butler <> [020107 17:21]:
> Log in as root.
> cd to the directory where the program file lives.
> chown root:bin file_name
> chmod 4775 file_name  (that will do only the suid and not both suid and
> guid)
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> From: Nick Wilson []
> Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 8:12 AM
> Subject: installing as suid root
> Hi all
> I'm having a little trouble with the concept of suid root of setuid.
> I've seen the FAQ and the HOWTO on the gnupg pages and there is
> certainly talk of 'running gpg as suid root' to avoid 'insecure memory'
> warnings but no mention of HOW to do this?
> I've just re-installed gpg as root but I'm still getting the warnings. I
> know this is my understanding rather than a bug but that knowledge
> doesn't help.
> Can someone please explain what and how I should be doing this?
> Much oblidged :)

Yes, thankyou. I've had a few replies of that nature but as I've
unfurtunately lost the threads I can't remember whether it was someone
from here or mutt-users that eventually sussed it.

It turned out that I had two versions for gpg installed in two different
directories and I was busy chmod'ing and cursing at the wrong one!

Thank you to the guy that spotted it if you read this :)

Nick Wilson

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